Free your Mind!

Take a few minutes and breathe. Meditation is one of the best tools to rediscover ourselves and control anxiety

According to a study carried out by the doctor Madhav Goyal of the John Hopkins University in Batimore , practice 30 minutes of daily meditation, can help improve the symptoms of anxiety . But in addition, the doctor points out in his research, that meditation goes beyond sitting quietly for hours, and that this practice consists mostly of being aware of our thoughts.

"Many people have the idea that meditation means sitting down and doing nothing, but that is not true, meditation is an active formation of the mind to increase knowledge," says Goyal.

Free your Mind!

The important thing is to master the mind, say members of HelpGuide who give us these 5 tips to meditate anywhere, quickly and effectively:

Take some time to breathe

The breath cleanses us You can make it on the way to work or wherever you want. Just close your eyes concentrate on it and if you can combine it with music and if it does not bother you at the end stretch a little.

Relax muscles

Tense and systematically relax some of your muscles. You can combine it with a deep breath. It will help you detect and counteract the symptoms of muscle tension.

Explore your body

It is similar to the previous step only that this time you should focus on the sensations of each part of your body. Relax your arms at your sides and with your eyes open or closed focus on your breathing allowing your abdomen rise when inhaling and fall when exhaling.

keep on moving

Stay on top of what is happening at this time internally and externally. Concentrate on the present moment to take your nervous system to get a new balance and you can get it by walking a few seconds relaxing your mind or doing any other exercise.


Guide the images of your mind, this is a variation of the traditional meditation in which not only sight is used, but also touch, taste, smell and hearing. Imagine a scenario in which you feel at peace and calm, release everything that does not work for you and let go of the tension and anxiety.