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Has it happened to you that by ingesting a food , the consistency does not allow you to enjoy it? According to a new study, the texture of the food helps you identify the calories in these.

In the study published in the Journal of Consumer Research , it is detailed that people tend to think that soft and soft foods have large amounts of calories, than those that are hard and rough.

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The researchers of the universities of South Florida, Michigan and Columbia they point out that it is because the sensation of food in the mouth affects the perception of the amount of calories in each food.


Free grease detector!

According to the book called "Fat detection: taste, texture and post ingestive effects", the taste buds have a preference for the fat taste, for the viscosity and sliding of the foods .

For example, people prefer foods like yogurt and other dairy products because of the smooth and creamy texture they have.

On the other hand, in a study published in BioMed , the taste and texture of foods influence the sensation of satiety .

The researchers assure that the foods Low calories help to lose weight, but do not generate that feeling of fullness, therefore they continue with the need to eat more food. And you, do you know how to identify the calories in food?

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