Francisco Blake, owner of Segob, dies in plane crash

The Secretary of the Interior, José Francisco Blake Mora and his closest collaborators, died when the helicopter they were traveling in collapsed south of Mexico City, announced the Presidency of the Republic.

The owner of the Segob went to the National Meeting of Attorneys of Justice, in Cuernavaca, Morelos. The spokeswoman of the Federal Government, Alejandra Sota, pointed out that until now the causes of the mishap are unknown.

Blake Mora was accompanied by the Undersecretary of Legal Affairs and Human Rights, Felipe de Jesus Zamora Castro, the Secretary of Social Communication, Alfredo García Medina, Secretary Diana Sánchez, Major René Sapién, Lieutenants Felipe Cortés and Ramón Escobar, as well as the Major Jorge Suárez.

José Francisco Blake Mora took office as Secretary of the Interior, in July 2010. He is the second head of that unit that died in a plane crash during Felipe Calderón's term, after Juan Camilo Mouriño lost his life on November 4 of 2008 in similar circumstances.


Air accident statistics

According to, between 2000 and 2008, 150 thousand people died due to air accidents.

The part of the flight where most deaths occur is during takeoff, and especially in the takeoff run. 50% of the accidents are due to a pilot error, 22% to a mechanical error, 12% to weather causes, 9% to a sabotage and 1% to other causes.

Psychological impact on the family of the victims

Air disasters are unfortunate events that totally alter the lives of relatives of the victim in an unexpected way, because they are often disoriented and vulnerable .

According to the Piero Rafael Martínez de la Hoz Foundation , the trauma it's an emotional state of discomfort and stress associated with an extraordinary catastrophic experience that the family lives.

When death occurs in unexpected and sudden circumstances, without giving notice, the pain it is more acute and traumatic; In addition, the reactions are more severe, exaggerated and complicated.

This shock state overloads the ability to react. The person feels overwhelmed by the unexpected and unexpected event, and their mechanisms to face the situation are insufficient.

The mourner obsessively reconstructs the events and the scenario in which they happened, seeking to understand that death and gain control over it.

This type of mishaps generates great faults and self-reproaches in the sufferer, because often there are arguments or fights without solving, and they blame themselves for having been away from the loved one.

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