Fosters the appetite in older adults


Food is basic at any stage of the human being. For this reason, the IMSS, gives you some advice so that people over 60 years have desires to eat and acquire the nutrients that your body needs. Consider them!


1.- Make meals and snacks rich in nutrients. For example, instead of a simple chicken soup, try a good chicken and vegetable soup. Stews, stews and roasts are also a good option.


2.- Use herbs and spices in your food. Prepare the food with as much flavor as possible. It is important for the older adult to have more appetite and acquire the nutrients that his body needs.


3.- Make your food look attractive. The presentation of food is essential, so if you want to encourage the older adult to desire food, take pride in the presentation of the food you give him.


4.- Make mealtime a social and happy event. Invite your friends or more members of your family, to join you at mealtime, so that your appetite is stimulated and you have a greater social interaction.


5. Use food supplements when necessary. While a well-balanced diet is the best bet, some people may find it easier to take a food supplement in the form of a beverage (available in supermarkets and pharmacies) instead of eating a meal.


6.- Eat from time to time the foods you really enjoy, such as ice cream, sweets, pizza and hamburger, with moderation and enjoy life.



Video Medicine: WBKO - Griff's Deli Benefit for Foster Grandparent Program (February 2023).