Forget about complications

The fact of having diabetes does not mean that you stop enjoying your cravings, but it does mean moderating the intake of sugars.

Currently there are several alternatives of sweeteners without calories, which allow you to pamper yourself with the pleasures of sweetness.

Stevia is a natural product and has a great sweetening power, and if you combine it with low amounts of sugar it is an excellent option if you are beginning to eat substitutes to sweeten.


Forget about complications

If you want to take care of your blood sugar levels and maintain a healthy weight, opt for the sweeteners low in, or without, calories.

Splenda Stevia offers a sweet taste without the calories of sugar, as well as being made with 100% natural ingredients.

1 envelope of Splenda Stevia (4 kcal) sweetens your life.

Remember that a healthy lifestyle will allow you to give yourself those sweet tastes that you love, exercise and a balanced diet will help you feel better.

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