Forever alone?

If this phrase sounds familiar to you, it's because the term "Forever alone" grows day to day in the social networks and now the roles between men and women have changed so much that both prefer to be alone, but this is not synonymous with independence , but in reality reflects the crisis that exists around "how to be in a couple ”.

In an interview with the psychologist Alessia DiBari , notes that young people between 20 and 35 years of age prefer not to engage in any relationship; for them it is better to have their "own" space and they are not willing to "deal" with a couple, since that way they determine their times and rules.

"Hence, 50% of couples who choose to marry end up in the divorce ; people are not willing to fight and / or accept the other. They want everything in their own way and that only reflects that people no longer know how to be in a relationship. "

DiBari , also expert in sexuality issues, reveals that to reverse this three things are necessary:

1. Realize that we have a problem to live with others (couple)
2. We have to question ourselves if this is what I want, how I want to be, etc.
3. We must feel compassion by ourselves and by the other. A key to achieving this is to "learn" to express our feelings, without fear or fear.

According to the psychologist when we have this moment of crisis as to why we are alone, why nobody is holding us, etc., it is key to make beneficial changes in our lives and break with this social pattern; because it is clear that we all need a life partner to grow and evolve as people:

"It's never too late to make a stop on the road." The fact that young people (men and women) earn well, live alone, etc., does not mean that they do not have the time to self-analyze and enjoy the love and companionship of a couple. "

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