Foods vs. hip fats

One of the most problematic places in the body when it comes to losing weight is the hips. The famous "chaparreras" are the nightmare of each woman and it is not for less: the fat of the hips is incrusta and only the exercise, a treatment of mesotherapy , sleep well and a healthy diet can fight it.

Dietitians recommend eating lots of fruits and vegetables. The more, the better, since these are very rich in nutrients and have few calories. In GetQoralHealth we tell you what are the 7 most recommended foods to burn fat from the hips.


Foods vs. hip fats

1. Broccoli It provides a large amount of vitamin C, vitamin A, fiber, calcium and folic acid. It is a food that helps you regulate the digestive section and to feel more satisfied after the meal, which is key to thinning the hips.

2. Spinach . It has many vitamins and nutrients. It is one of the richest foods and can help you burn fat from the hips.

3. Cabbage or cabbage . Vegetable that, in addition to having anti-carcinogenic properties, is an ideal food to metabolize fats, as well as garlic and onion. It also contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, niacin, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iodine and potassium. Also, lettuce, because it is rich in iron and magnesium, helps burn extra fat in the body.

4. Betabel It is highly recommended because it improves the activity of the kidney allowing to eliminate more fats. In addition, it has laxative properties.

5. Citrus . They lower insulin levels (blood sugar) and promote weight loss. In addition, they strengthen the immune system. Lemon and orange are excellent as a first food to help burn extra fat.

6. Apple . It contains pectin in its shell, a gelatinous substance that delays your digestion and generates a lot of satiety, which prevents you from eating too much and also absorbs fats.

7. Banana. It is rich in potassium, proteins, natural sugars (which will give you more energy) and fiber. In addition, the banana has a chemical substance that helps to be more relaxed and happy.

One last tip: if you really want to fight the fat accumulated in the hips you have to eliminate bread, cookies and pasta from your diet. Oh, and say goodbye to your sedentary life!

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