Foods that help you lose weight

A patient just came out of my office, who did not know that the oats and the wholemeal bread They contain sugar. When asked about his diet He told me that he took good care of himself and that's why he ate a lot oats , linseed Y wholemeal bread .

Some foods with fiber they are indispensable for slim down , while others get fat because they have a lot of sugar. Therefore, I have prepared this list for you to identify, since many people, without knowing it, consume more carbohydrates of what your body needs.

The list continues:

It is necessary that you ingest 35 grams of fiber a day to help you reduce your appetite. In addition, it reduces the levels of cholesterol Y triglycerides . Remember that fiber helps you improve processes digestive and to prevent type 2 diabetes .

Some sugar substitutes, such as Isomat, they contain an effect similar to fiber and that's why chewing gum, chocolates and ice cream without sugar are also useful for slim down . Because of its effect laxative , the fiber It can cause the stomach to swell, abdominal pain and gas.

When I left my office, my patient kept reading my list of foods rich in fiber . Finally, he found the reason why he had not lost weight. A few days later he called me to request information about other foods. I told him that it was a pleasure to be his doctor and that he would publish the list with those foods. I missed a product to analyze? For more information visit:

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