Food for vegans and non-vegans

The tendency to eliminate from the diet foods of animal origin and replace them with vegetables it grows more and more. In the recent five years, the percentage of people in the world who choose this regime went from 0.5% to 1%, according to a magazine article Vegetarian Times . For this reason, it is worth knowing the top 5 of vegan restaurants in the United States .


A diet vegan planned is appropriate at any age if it is ensured that the nutrients necessary, including the b12 vitamin that can be in products of soy fortified ", suggests Elizabeth Turner , assistant professor of nutrition of the Georgetown University in Washington .


Food for vegans and non-vegans

The Vegan Society , based in the United Kingdom, explains that in a diet vegan It does not fit the meat, chicken, fish eggs or dairy products, however, it is possible to taste a menu diverse that includes all kinds of fruits , vegetables, nuts, grains, seeds , beans and vegetables .


These foods can be prepared in an endless combinations that never get bored From the curry in cake, to pizzas and empanadas. All foods preferred ones can be adequate to diet vegan if they are made with ingredients of origin vegetable ", Assures the Vegan Society .


Top 5

If you like to eat healthily and live in U.S or plan a trip to the neighboring country, then we suggest you go to these restaurants that are a true paradise vegetarian .

1. The Chicago Diner. With a coarse menu in organic foods , the establishment is at the top of the preferences. The saucer recommended is the reuben radical, accompanied by cheese soy Y cucumber . The address is 3411 N Halsted St, between Newport Ave & Roscoe St, Chicago, Illinois .

2. Blossom. It's the restaurant vegan plus chic of New York , located at 187 9th Avenue, between West 21st and West 22nd streets. It stands out for including menus with organic products Y local . You can taste dishes with flavors of Italy or Asia .

3. Candle Coffee. It stands out as one of the restaurants that offers a selection of foods 100% organic cultivated in their own orchards . You can find it at 307 3rd Avenue Between 74th & 75th St, New York .

4. Josie's. It offers a menu very select of saucers vegetarians without meat, or dairy. its specialty are the pumpkin ravioli. It is located at 300 Amsterdam Avenue, between West 74th and West 75th streets, in New York .

5. Vegeria. Consider how only in its kind to include organic products local and cool , cut hours before the food is prepared. The menu It also consists of foods free gluten . You find it at 8407 Broadway Street, San Antonio, Texas .

If you are among those who have adopted diet vegan or just looking for more food options healthy , in this top of 5 restaurants vegans you could find the option what are you looking for. Enjoy your meal!

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