Food against the cold

The winter season is here and support the low temperatures can be a challenge, which in addition to involving the use of blankets and coats, requires the consumption of food so you can stand the winter .

Food to withstand the winter. Courtesy Getty

According to a study by theUniversità degli Studi di Milano , the regular intake of several symbiotic foods , which combine prebiotics Y probiotics , can improve health by reducing the incidence and severity of respiratory diseases in the winter.


Food against the cold

Both respiratory diseases , as cold and negative winter thoughts can be avoided by including in the diet specific foods, which due to their properties are beneficial. We share some that you will love.


1. Soup

This food helps the organism to maintain a temperature adequate and in addition hydrate . A study of Nebraska Medical Center , shows that the variety specifically made of chicken has properties that help fight the respiratory tract infections .

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