Flowing energy

Sometimes it's hard to find a time to take care of physical and internal well-being , even more if the demands or labor and family needs occupy the number one place of importance in our lives. This results in a depression and stress deeper with each passing day. However the yoga It can be a solution.

According to a study conducted by Murali Doraiswamy, professor of psychiatry and medicine in Duke University Medical Center, the yoga is able to act on the brain and regulate the action of a series of neurotransmitters and hormones linked to stress, depression and anxiety, among other.

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Flowing energy

Practice with years old, not all the positions of the yoga They are ideal for channeling negative feelings such as depression and the stress. Therefore, in the following video, the director of theMexican Institute of Yoga, Ana Paula Domínguez, teaches you an asana that will fill you with energy.


Enjoy every moment

This technique causes changes in biomarkers such as neurotransmitters, secretion of hormones Y proteins, similar to those generated by drug therapy (antidepressants) or psychotherapy sessions.

However, they are not all benefits, here we give you others with information from the teacher J. Carlos Ramchandani.

1. The practice of breathing exercises positively influences all the structures of the human being: the physical body, and the emotional and mental levels.

2. Improves oxygen uptake and elimination of carbon dioxide.

3. Purify the respiratory tract and the lungs increase their blood circulation.

4. It stimulates intellectual performance. Improve the memory and it provides mental clarity. It grants calm and serenity.

To practice yoga It is excellent if your goal is to find a balance between mind and body, but it is also a pleasant exercise that can help you improve your overall health.

Video Medicine: ‘Flowing Energy’ By Paul Izak (May 2024).