Flowers that eliminate fear and depression

Therapy with Bach flowers focuses on identifying the main problems of the patient, in order to bring it to an internal balance or overcome a particular problem. Based on an interview, the problems and their probable causes are identified, then the health expert prepares a combination of essences suitable for the treatment of each user.

The Bach flowers they are a series of natural essences used to treat various emotional situations such as: fears , loneliness , despair , stress , depression Y obsessions . The floral therapy It has extensive information regarding the relationship of emotions with each person's illnesses.

The flowers offer emotional help

The psychiatrist Eduardo Grecco , president of the Inter-American Association of Floral Therapists , points out that there are certain emotional experiences that, if not attended to in time, hurt the body. The disease "appears in life to help us learn something".

The floral therapy it is proposed to help the sick person to know the cause of his illness, to know himself better; guidelines for changing harmful patterns of behavior; improve your habits; optimize your way of bonding and relating. However, they can also cause physical tiredness, lack of energy, loss of appetite, headache and night sweats.

The Bach flowers they can be used by minors and teenagers, pregnant women and during lactation, elderly people or those patients who are in a coma. This type of therapy always takes place in a completely individual way, that is to say, the way in which it develops depends in each case on the state of the person.

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