Five key factors that predispose to addictions

A drug is defined as any substance that in the body, produces changes in the cells of the central nervous system, causing changes in the behavior .

The factors that cause a person to reach depend on a substance they can be many, but ultimately they do not obey a single cause, but the problem of addictions is a multifactorial problem.

Hereditary Factor

Recent studies around the world show that hereditary factors play an important role in drug addiction. Sometimes an individual can inherit a certain amount of substance receptors specifically, what makes the meeting of a drug and a person with such genetic predisposition increase the possibility of suffering a dependency, Dr. Carlos Rodríguez Ajenjo, Technical Secretary of the National Council against Addictions, said in an exclusive interview with GetQoralHealth ( Conadic).

Emotional factor

There are also psychodynamic emotional factors that are related to the way we are created, with certain guidelines, which make some people more dependent than others. "For example, the person who develops lower self-esteem, who has difficulties in resolving emotional conflicts, maintains toxic relationships , among other conflicts that often occur in the family, especially by those who fulfill the role of the mother, which in our culture is extremely important, "says the specialist.


More factors

Identity factor

There are factors that precipitate a young person to be more vulnerable. In the case of addictions, the changes that occur during adolescence both physical, psychological, or identity, sometimes favoring the person is more vulnerable to try and rely on illegal substances.

Social pressure

Dr. Rodriguez Ajenjo said that "social pressure plays a very important role in this stage, since young people who live in a group, still do not consolidate their own identity, which makes space for imitate behaviors of the group "and with it enter the world of drugs.


Another factor that is often mentioned is curiosity, which has a lot to do with availability of the substance.

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