Find out what kind of mom you will be in this test

How will I be with my son? Will I be able to take care of it and educate it in the best possible way? These are some of the doubts that assail the future mom when she thinks about the unborn baby. East test will help you discover if you tend to be a mom Anguished or if, on the contrary, you can be calm and calm.

1.- You wish you had: A - A girl. B - The sex of the baby is indifferent to you. C - A child.

2.- During the consultations that you make to the gynecologist, you experience, first of all: A - Fear. B - Curiosity. C - Impatience.

3.- During the first ultrasound , you felt: A - Nervous. B - Euphoric. C - Curiosa.

4.- When you come back from the hospital, you plan to put the baby to bed: A - In your bed. B - In your crib, in your room. C - In your room.

5.- When you think that the baby could cry during the night, you promise yourself: A - Stay calm and do not panic. B - Do everything in your power to calm him down. C - Let him cry until he gets tired.

6.- Have you already thought about the pediatrician that will take care of him after the birth ?: A - Of course he does: the pediatrician who has recommended you the most. B - Not yet, you will decide after birth. C - The pediatrician that corresponds to you in Social Security.

7.- When you think about your child, you want, first of all, to be: A - Healthy. B - Cheerful. C - Good.

8.- The idea of ​​returning to work, a few months after your baby was born, you: A - Anguish . B - Attracts. C - Leave indifferent.

9.- From the moment you became pregnant, did your life as a couple suffer any changes? A - Yes, when you make love you fear hurting the little one. B- Yes, you experience a greater desire towards your partner. C - No, it seems to you that everything is the same as always.

10.- You think that you can calmly move away from the baby only after he has taken care of it: A - Your mother. B - Your partner. C - Someone you trust, a friend.

Post your answers and discover the result!

Majority of "A": Mom "apprehensive" You feel a little insecure and, at least today, you fear you are not ready to face the "role" of being a mom. But you do not have to feel this way: if you manage to calm down, you will find within yourself the necessary resources to become an expert mom, remember that others have done it before.

Most "B": Balanced You tend to be a cheerful mom and always available, but worried even if you have no reason to be. Probably you will transmit to your son a great serenity, which will allow him to grow balanced. In short, you know that being a mom is a role in which you will have to work, but in which you can achieve great success.

Majority of "C": A bit strict You will be an affectionate mother but aware of the need to impose rules that can not be broken. Remember, however, that pampering a crying newborn does not mean wrong raising or spoiling, but go to their desperate demand for help, so necessary in their first months of life.

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