Fill your body with energy!

As if it were a children's game, stop of hands have Benefits so much physical as emotional . We present you a technique to achieve it and that way you begin to fill yourself Energy .


The stopped of hands allows forearms , arms, shoulders , chest, high back and abdomen he strengthen . While you build a physical force, you mind he strengthens and the self-knowledge increases ", explains Mayra Cadengo, founder and director of Sattva Yoga RYS .

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Fill your body with energy!

1. Increase the strength of the body. B.K.S. Iyengar , author of Light on Yoga, says that when the hands stop shoulders , back , arms and dolls they acquire more force and the chest expands because these areasthey argue you body . Because it is an advanced posture, you can keep you of5 to 10 seconds .

2. Strengthen the abdomen. This position forces you to to tight the abdomen and to keep you right Y stable , Explain Mayra Cadengo . He manages to keep this position 30 seconds and you will notice the work in this part of body .

3. Improve digestion. By staying on your head, you stimulate pituitary gland , responsible for regulating various body functions, including the metabolism, In addition, it improves the  intestinal movement and the kidneys are stimulated, according to the National Institutes of Health .

4. Calm the mind. Keeping your feet up improves the circulation of blood towards the head and stimulates the Pineal gland , which among other functions regulates process of dream , so the brain remains calm, explains an article published in Yoga Journal .

5. Full of energy. The instructors of yoga , Ana Paula Domínguez Y Alejandro Quinoyo , yoga instructors , they explain in the following video how the handstand allows the body to fill with Energy. They also explain how to make this position by way of safe Y effective .

If you suffer from injuries back or neck, headache, Heart problemshigh blood pressure or are you in your period it is not advisable to try this position .

To avoid injuries , it is important that you perform this position correctly, keep well aligned you body and with the supervision of a qualified coach. Ready to enjoy the Benefits that the stop of hands ?

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