Fifth disease is caused by parvovirus

The infectious erythema , also called "Fifth illness "Or in popular terms"Slap disease ", Is caused by the parvovirus B19 . East virus it only infects human beings, it is not the same parvovirus against which dogs or cats are vaccinated.

It is more frequent in children between 5 and 15 years old than in adults, and starts with a red rash characteristic in the face that makes it look like they gave him a slap .

Symptoms may include little fever , flu Y eruption on the cheeks, arms, legs and trunk. Adults who acquire it may also have pain and inflammation in the joints .

To learn more about this disease, in GetQoralHealth We present a video where Dr. Michael Davis, pediatrician and pediatric gastroenterologist, who tells us more about it:

The eruption It usually lasts between one and three weeks. In a small number of cases of older children and adults, the inflammation and the Joint pain associates have lasted up to several months or years.

The infectious erythema it occurs all over the world. The outbreaks of parvovirus They tend to occur in late winter and early spring, but there may also be sporadic cases at any time of the year.

The Fifth illness It is usually mild and disappear spontaneously. However, it can be serious if it coexists with pregnancy , anemia,  Cancer or a immune system weakened

There is no vaccine against him infectious erythema and no way to prevent the spread ofvirus . Isolating a person who has the characteristic rash does not prevent the contagion because generally, when the eruption , the person has stopped being contagious.

Having good hygiene, especially washing your hands frequently, can help prevent the contagion of many infections, including Fifth illness . It should be mentioned that most people become immune to virus after having it once.

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Video Medicine: fifth disease - patient education video (April 2023).