Fever as an ally in the detection of infections

Fever it is not a disease and far from being an enemy is a ally . Many babies, boys and girls develop high fevers for small viral diseases, which alarms their parents rightly. Fever can occur as an organic reaction to a vaccine, due to allergy to a substance or food, or as answer to a process infectious that is developing within the boy or girl and that alters their physical and emotional well-being. However, we must be very attentive to the development of fever in children because it can rise and cause them irreversible damage .

Fever as a sign of something serious

According to the pediatricians of the Nemours Children's Foundation of the United States, it is advisable to take into account both the temperature as the general state of the little one. Children with a temperature below 38.9 degrees Celsius do not usually need medication, unless they feel upset. This rule has one important exception: if the baby is 3 months old or younger and his rectal temperature is 38 degrees Celsius or more, you should call the pediatrician or go to the emergency room. Even a mild fever can be symptom of a possible serious infection in very small babies.

If the temperature of a child between 3 months and 3 years is 39 degrees centigrade or more, call the doctor to check if you need to be examined. In older children, take into account their behavior and level of physical activity. It is likely that the disease is not serious if the child has this characteristic: he wants to continue playing, he eats and drinks well, he is alert and smiles, he has normal skin color and a good appearance when the temperature drops.


How to reduce fever?

The first recommendation is never medicate to a baby or child, without consulting the doctor. Other tips that can help reduce fever are:


  • Remove excess clothes or blankets, blankets or blankets, even if you have chills.
  • Give him a bath with warm water, never cold , with sponge; This can help cool the child with a fever and is especially effective after administering a medication, otherwise the temperature could rise again.
  • Alcohol should not be rubbed as it can cause tremors and raise core body temperature.

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