The symptoms of flavirus disease are similar to those of a cold, for this reason it is important to take into account the symptoms of Zika .

The symptomatology is similar to that of a cold or some gastrointestinal infection, that is the reason why in many cases it is not attended to as soon as possible.



The body temperature rises between 38 and 40 degrees centigrade.



Rash appears somewhere in the body.


Muscle and joint pain

The sensation of cut body and strong muscular pains are alarm signal.


General discomfort

Upset without some apparent reason.

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Strong headaches difficult to control with medication.



Vomiting without apparent cause, without stomach infection or pain.



Irritation in the eyes accompanied by tears and lacrimation.

The data of the World Health Organization they reveal that the incubation process between the transmission and the appearance of symptoms is not clear, but affirms that it is a few days later.

They recommend in the case of having any of the symptoms of Zika to go to perform the corresponding analyzes to address the disease in time and prevent complications and the spread of it. That is why the importance of knowing the symptoms of Zika .


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