Feed your mind and improve your health!

The ability of the human body to keep a person alive and allow it to develop is very extensive, so there are things you might not know about your body. Would you like to know them?

According to information published in Livescience , the human body is full of fluids and chemical products that allow a correct and balanced functioning of the organism, to protect it from diseases or any other threat.


Feed your mind and improve your health!


  1. More than two kilos of bacteria. According to an investigation of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) of Maryland A person has two kilos of bacteria inside, especially in the intestine.
  2. Four colors on the skin. To create the tone that defines each person, four colors are mixed, such as white, red blood vessels, yellow and sepia melanin.
  3. 576 megapixels The human eye captures the equivalent of 576 megapixels, because the retina has around six million cells sensitive to light and between 90 and 126 million rods (cells responsible for vision in low light conditions), it stands out in a study of United States Geological Survey .
  4. Reaction to tickling. A research by psychologists Harris and Christenfeld, from the University of California He details that laughter for tickling is a panic reaction.
  5. Body position affects your memory. The memories are related to our senses, even, a study published in the magazine Congnition details that if you place yourself in a position similar to that of a pleasant event, it is easier for you to remember it.

The human body is so extraordinary that it not only protects itself, but has the power to create a life with just the combination of cells. Therefore, it is important that you keep it healthy with a healthy lifestyle, that is, with a balanced diet and the practice of some physical activity. And you, do you know any other information about your body?

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