Every day we hear at work, transport or school some talks that "think" about the features of some person and maybe it is ours, however, why do we care about the opinions of others? Criticism can damage your self-esteem. It is clear that we can not please everyone, so in GetQoralHealth.com we present 3 factors that influence us to take our opinions so seriously:


"Taking a new step, saying a new word, is what people fear most".-Dostoyevsky

According to "Psychology guide" People with fear of receiving criticism tend to behave always trying to please others. We can feel observed, criticized in our behavior or way of dressing, but when you are comfortable with what you are, you do not expect acceptance or criticism. Learn to encourage a good attitude towards your person and free yourself from fears, to do everything you want.

Low self-esteem

"Charm is what some have until they start believing it." - Simone de Beauvoir

Self-esteem is "the attitude you have towards yourself". According to the faculty of psychology of the University of Basel (FPUB) , self-esteem influences success and not vice versa. Therefore, if you do not value your person, you will always be susceptible to any criticism, which can generate insecurity.



"Self-esteem is the reputation we get from ourselves." -Nathaniel Branden

According to the publication Psychological Science from the University of Waterloo , Canada, people with low self-esteem behave differently when expressing their emotions face to face than on Facebook, since they perceive the social network as a place free of social situations. Currently, social networks are a source of constructive and destructive criticism. Feel safe and confident go out to do the sport that you like, read a good book, distract your mind in a productive way.

Remember that the person who thinks about you will not be absent, to avoid affecting your emotions is to act in favor of your health and physical and mental well-being. Start thinking about your priorities and Feel safe with yourself!

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