Fatty foods

Having colitis or nervous colitis it's complicated, because anything you eat outside of your diet causes you inflammation ; And if that adds stress, nervousness and poor diet, things get complicated.

Take into account that a recommendation is always liquid feeding clear, that is; Drink plenty of natural water prefer broths without fat, jellies, etc; so if you feel that the colitis Start attacking your body avoid these 4 things:

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Fatty foods

Everything you eat with a high fat content accelerates intestinal contractions and causes a negative reaction to your body, which causes inflammation and that feeling of "Tight clothes". Consider avoiding too fried foods , creamy, breaded or with a lot of sauce.


Dairy products

Even if you do not suffer an intolerance to lactose, It is better to avoid the consumption of dairy products for a time, after having suffered colitis, because it decreases the amount of lactase enzymes.


Synthetic sugars

Some artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes They can produce a laxative effect and contribute to flatulence and bloating. Avoid diet soda, sugar-free gum and any dessert with these ingredients.


Alcohol, coffee and soft drinks

These 3 drinks have an irritating potential for the stomach of anyone, but for those who suffer from colitis it can be complicated by diarrhea or severe gastritis. So avoid eating them or do it in moderation.


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