Three out of four women have a vaginal infection in their life and represents the main reason for consultation. There are multiple factors that trigger this problem, such as beauty treatments such as vaginal steam bath .

According to specialists from Mayo Clinic , a vaginal yeast infection is cured with effective treatment, but to prevent it from being registered again, habits such as reducing the use of douching or steam baths r.



Gwyneth Paltrow is responsible for spreading the benefits of this beauty treatment for your sexuality, however, behind this relaxing method that promises to clean your uterus and balance your hormones, there are consequences that will make you feel uncomfortable.

1. You are more prone to suffer from vaginosis

Women who use douching are more likely to develop this type of bacterial infections , because they alter the vaginal flora, according to a study by the American Journal of Nursing

2. Risk of premature birth

If pregnant women go to this type of treatment, they increase the risk of premature birth

3. Burns

Women are at great risk if they approach the steam, because they can register second-degree burns, says Dr. Draion Burch, a gynecologist in Pittsburgh.

Your body is so smart that does not need extra help , for example, your vagina cleans itself, does not need anything else to maintain a balance inside, if you want to try something new, consult your specialist.