Famous with bad plastic surgeries

Many times we have heard of celebrities, both women and men, who have gone through the operating room to practice some plastic surgeries in order to refine these "little details" or stay young .

They seek to improve their look, features and features, complexion and some other correction; however, there are cases in which due to negligence or lack of experience of the surgeon, or other complications, they were worse than before. To this list the actress Renée Zellwegwer is added, who at 47 years of age has passed several times to the operating room to transform her face; Now she has fuller lips and a wrinkle free neck. Unrecognizable.

Therefore, in GetQoralHealth we present some of these famous and their unsuccessful plastic surgery, according to the website antesydespues.com.ar:

1. Mickey Rourke : The protagonist of Nine weeks and a half has been subjected to terrible lifting , injections of collagen on the lips and it takes six surgeries in the nose .

2. Jocelyn Wildenstein : With the intention of pleasing more and attracting the attention of her millionaire husband, this former figure of the American high circles resorted to surgery to adopt feline features with retouching of eyes, lifting facial, implant of cheekbones, liposuction , lifting eyebrows, implanting lips and more. It is estimated that he has spent more than 4 million dollars.

3 . Michael Jackson : A process of skin clarification, injections of botox , lifting Facials and several surgeries in the nose , among other details. It is estimated that he spent more than 2 million dollars on these surgeries.

4. Meg Ryan . She is one of the most sought-after actresses of American cinema in the 90s, who began to inject some years ago botox Y collagen , which has wreaked havoc on his face. In addition, he underwent a cheek implant.

5. Donatella Versace . Heir to the Versace empire, we know his addiction to surgeries and injections of botox . A lip implant was performed, liposuction Y Rhinoplasty .

To prevent negligence and false hopes of surgery, it is important to make sure you go with really certified specialists, explains the doctor José Luis Haddad Tame, president of the Mexican Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery A.C.

These are just some examples of plastic surgeries with poor results, which can hardly be reversed. Therefore, before deciding on this type of procedure, go to different specialists to know its implications. Remember, the most beautiful is health.

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