Many teenagers today try to develop thin bodies and look like models, many do not have eating disorders. They just need a balanced diet and eat in the right amounts.

However, there are others with certain profiles and personality types that make them more likely to develop an eating disorder. These are some of those factors:

1. Insecurity: People who develop eating disorders have low self-esteem, lack confidence in themselves and seek recognition and affirmation in the way they look at them. They feel that they can only get the love they need, through improving their appearance.

2. Influential: They are usually easily influenced. These are people who are still searching for identity. Because of this, they try to emulate those who believe they are good role models. This can be good if those who imitate are effectively worthy to emulate

However for today's teenagers, their models are mostly young Hollywood stars affected also by eating disorders.

3. Lack of discipline: People who do not have the will to follow a diet and want to see quick results, choose to induce vomiting after eating.

4. Depression: Adolescents who do not have a stable home are prone to eating disorders. Some seek happiness, even through self-destruction, to be appreciated only by their bodies.

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