Factors that cause skin aging

Who does not know the meaning of aging skin? This is perhaps one of the most popular topics in the world. In a society that prides itself on good looks , age is an important issue.

We all go through the same aging process. It is as natural as life and death. The older we get, the skin will be less firm; lwrinkles will multiply , especially in the areas that we use most frequently.

But beyond a natural process, there are some factors that favor its appearance, before normal time. To next, some of them:


It is something we can not get rid of, since our existence revolves around it, but we can certainly prevent its damage to our skin. The sun is primarily responsible for wrinkles and fine lines. Exposure to it not only darkens the skin, the ultraviolet rays burn it, in addition to all this, it can cause skin cancer by frequent and unprotected exposure.

Experts advise using a sunscreen all the time, especially in outdoor work. For them, it is recommended to use one with sun protection factor 15 , but those who are always exposed to the sun, one of 45 is recommended.


It has been proven that the cigar can really affect our skin. It increases the aging process significantly as the smoke can dry out the skin.

The cigar also diminishes the vitamin C, which is a key element for the renewal of the skin. Cigarette exposure also influences premature aging. Some scientists even believe that smoke can be as damaging to the skin as exposure to the sun.

Alcoholic drinks

Alcohol consumption also negatively affects the skin because it dilates blood vessels, increasing blood flow. Over time, these are damaged and cause a haggard and tired appearance.

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