Facial yoga against aging

This technique brings together concepts of yoga Traditional with gestural movements. The idea is to improve muscle tone, prevent flaccidity and delay the appearance of wrinkles .

In accordance with Annelise Hagen's , author of the book The yoga face, points out that the goal is that through various massages on the face, people are rejuvenated, with healthy and oxygenated skin, but without losing their naturalness by making gestures of expression, as is often the case with Cosmetic surgeries :

"For example, an exercise to achieve lips with more volume and prevent the lines that are formed on them, consists of pursing the mouth, as if you were to give a kiss and support the lips in the palm of the hand. The hand will push towards the face and the lips towards the outside ".

So that the yoga of the face, it is clearer, we present this video, to protect and take care of your face:

While to diminish the wrinkles in the side of the eyes, Hagen's suggests that they stretch with the index fingers the ends of the eyes (as imitating the oriental aspect) and make strength to close the eyes: "In this way we will tone the muscles of its contour, "says Hagen's.

Have you tried this technique? Do you think it's safe? Why would you recommend it?

Video Medicine: Anti Ageing Face Yoga (May 2021).