Facial hair

When you have sex you feel great, you have energy, you are happy, full, but also do not be surprised if you get some other grain.

A study of Mayo Clinic ensures that after the sexual encounter, sweat, facial hair and the rubbing of the sheets can cause bacteria and skin irritation.

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Discover why acne comes out when having sex and enjoy while taking care of your skin.


Facial hair

Even if you love your partner's beard you love it, it can cause irritation in your skin, which can clog your pores and generate imperfections .

So it is best that you avoid rubbing his beard or flat that he cut a little.



Sweat when combined with make-up, bacteria, oils and other impurities, can generate one or another grain .

To avoid it take a shower so that acne does not surprise you only on your face but anywhere in your body.


Dirty sheets

Bacteria and dead cells accumulate in the sheets that, if not washed, directly affect the pores of your body. skin .

To avoid this, wash your sheets once a week and dry them directly in the sunlight.



They can be very sexy at the time of sexual encounter but when they come in contact with your skin they can irritate the face, back and chest.

Opt for natural oils and make sure they are hypoallergenic.


Birth control pills

In some cases they can cause acne in women due to the hormone-releasing action.

It is only a matter of observing your skin and notes that the problem worsens, tell your specialist to modify the dose or change you to another hormonal control.

If you discard any of these situations and still you keep asking why you get acne when having sex , the best thing is that you go to an assessment with your gynecologist to determine the exact cause.


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