Facial gymnastics gives firmness to your face

To show off skin Healthy and young is not only a matter of applying expensive and complicated treatments; Taking care of the skin on your face may be easier than it seems. Just as the body requires a dose of physical activity to stay healthy, the face also needs a little movement to look spectacular.

The facial gymnastics has many benefits to look radiant, among these are: the fading of fine lines, greater flexibility and firmness to the skin, and finally you can say goodbye to the eyelids Fallen

GetQoralHealth recommends the following routine exercises so you can start toning your face:

Exercise 1: In front of the mirror, put the lips into. Blow and keep the air inside. later, make a smile in the middle of the face, and then in the other half. Do it 10 times. It is excellent to soften the cheeks.

Exercise 2: Lips your lips in while you press the teeth for 10 seconds. Perform 10 repetitions.

Exercise 3: Open your mouth wide as if you were screaming at the same time you open the eyes , stay like this for a few seconds and return to the original position. Make five repetitions.

Exercise 4: Wrap your lips, inflate your cheeks with air, place three fingers on each side and press slowly, without letting the air out. Stay like this for 10 minutes.

Exercise 5: Open your mouth widely and slide your head back. Now, open and close your mouth with your jaws as if you were chewing. Perform 10 repetitions. It is very good to strengthen the area of jaw .

Exercise 6: With your fingers, press the top of your forehead and rub with a backward movement. This exercise helps you to fadeexpression lines that are marked in this part of the face.

Do not wait more! Perform the following exercises daily and enjoy a beautiful and healthy face.

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