Face your erection problem without embarrassment

A few years ago, millions of fans of Pele and, no less than the Mexican actor Andres Garcia, were surprised by a tremendous revelation. Both figures confessed to having erection problems and decided to solve this disorder in Mexico, according to figures from the National Health Survey, it affects , to a greater or lesser degree, 55% of men between 40 and 70 years old. Erectile dysfunction is not a minor issue and there are many ways to deal with it as long as you go to the urologist-andrologist ... without shame.


What are penile prostheses: advantages and disadvantages

The Center for Urology, Andrology and Sexology of Spain (CUASBA) defines them as silicone or bioflex cylinders (substance biocompatible with the organism), of anatomical structure, which are introduced in number of two inside the corpora cavernosa of the penis, and produce the necessary rigidity for a good and adequate sexual relation. There is a lot of types:

  • Malleable prosthesis. Advantages: it is easy to use (it is the best option for men with little manual skill), its surgical procedure is simple (it has fewer mechanical components) and it is the most economical prosthesis. Disadvantages: the penis is permanently rigid (although it is not usually noticed when dressed) and it does not look as natural as with other types of hydraulic prostheses

  • Hydraulic prosthesis of a body. Advantages: the surgical procedure is simple, the erection is more natural than with the malleable prosthesis and its appearance is more normal in the flaccid state than the malleable prosthesis. Disadvantages: the erection may not be as rigid as with a three-component hydraulic prosthesis (it has less sterile saline), there is the possibility of mechanical failure (around 5%) as fluid leaks or breaks (more frequent than in prostheses) hydraulic components), some manual skill is required to activate it and there is the possibility of involuntary erections

  • Hydraulic prosthesis of two components. Advantages: it has a small pump, comfortable and easy to use; It is more physiological than a malleable or hydraulic prosthesis of a body, the passage to the flaccid state is easily and quickly carried out in 4 or 5 movements of pressure on the pumping system. Disadvantages: some manual ability is needed to handle it, although its activation / deactivation is easier than a single-body prosthesis and has more mechanical components than a malleable prosthesis

  • Hydraulic prosthesis of three components. Advantages: provides the type of erection that most resembles a natural erection, by having more liquid in the reservoir, the cylinders expand in thickness and in some kind of length; when filled, the erection is firmer and more complete than with the previous prosthesis, and when emptying, the penis is softer and more flaccid than with other prostheses, its handling is easier than that of other prostheses. Disadvantages: it is necessary to possess some manual ability to manipulate it, it contains more mechanical components than the other prostheses and there is the possibility that involuntary erections occur


You decide: the solution is in your hands.

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