Face the duel

The lost of a loved one is undoubtedly one of the most tragic experiences of life that causes a pain irreparable, deep sadness And till depression .


There are studies that show that around 85 and 90% of people live a duel considered normal , and the rest can enter a duel dragged on or complicated.

These absences They make the world look, feel and think differently. Assuming them will never be easy, since there is no recipe that helps mourners to take a straight and safe path. The way to solve them Y face them It depends on each person.


Face the duel

About, Gina Tarditi Ruiz , psychologist and tanatologist , says that the death of a loved one, in addition to other losses, will bring in duel , a natural process and desirable to take life again.

This process implies recognize that life can not return, in addition to front facing the losses secondary schools that come after the death of the loved one to work in the reconstruction . For more sadness , guilt , pain Anger, or impotence that you feel, it is always possible to achieve it.


Learning to redirect life

Gina Tarditi , in his book How to integrate the loss in our biography and continue living fully, points out that it is important reconcile with what we can not change; to accept waths up questions without answers and recognize that there is always a wound.

The important thing is to find a new meaning that makes us believe that it is worthwhile to continue living.


The only thing you can not give permission for is to do nothing, not just because the duel is movement, but because things are not resolved if you are crossed arms and this helps us avoid depression ”.


Coping with the pain

The specialist reveals that, to cope with duel it is important to try to do exercise , have a diet that contribute carbohydrates for him disgust physical and emotional that has.

In addition, to maintain a habit of regular sleep , that is, to sleep and get up at the same time even if you do not have anything to do. "Do not allow yourself a day in bed, get up, get ready and do an activity," says Gina Tarditi.


Material goods

Even if they say that 'come and go' the impact of losing a house, a property, the place where you lived can be very hard.

Ana María Gómez, specialist in conductive therapy, recommends first accepting that it hurts, that it will represent changes in your life and begin to draw up a plan to know how to face it.


This is the moment in which you can see who the friends are, the family that we have and support them. Do not be afraid to ask for help, in cases in which a person loses their patrimony is very valid and human to do it ".

The basic thing is to learn that you did not lose everything . Although you suffer from the absence of the loved one you have everything the love , experiences and what learned , this will not go away, it remains forever, so it will remain part of your story. Regain your tranquility and live fully!