eye! Here other diseases due to open wounds

Submerged in the stress of daily life we ​​forget that every minute can be the last, and as a consequence of this denial are the diseases due to open wounds that can make our life a "nightmare".

In order for this to happen, a simple injury is not required, just the simple cut produced by the rubbing of the paper, as in the case of necrotizing fasciitis.

A serious bacterial infection of the skin that spreads rapidly in the body destroying all healthy tissue (muscles, tendons, nerves ...) in a matter of days, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.


eye! Here other diseases due to open wounds


1. Botulism

It comes from the bacteria clostridium botulinum and can enter the body through a wound or food. Its symptoms are double vision, weakness, respiratory distress abdominal cramps.


2. Pseudomonas infection

It is frequent in injuries by sharp objects in the foot area, it is characterized by pain, difficulty to support you, heat and edema.


3. Parapoxvirus orf

It is usually produced by contusions caused by a human bite (common in children) and manifests in a ulcerovesicular that can secrete a white liquid.


Before a wound do this

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