Extra sizes increase in Europe

In spite of the fashion Due to the thinness, the stores begin to open their markets towards the designs and brands specialized in large sizes . Range of products in which men and women of the third age find clothes and accessories for their clothes and comfort .


In terms of health and clothing, Spain, has a great advantage at the level of research and consequences of scientific observations.


In recent years the National Institute of Consumer Affairs, of the Ministry of Health, supported by the Spanish Association of Designers, carried out an anthropometric study that would unify the sizes of the garments so that they adapt to the real demands of the Spaniards.


For example, the size 46 Spanish (38 in Mexico), which until now was considered "extra", will become normal and must manufacture in the collections.


This new research does not encourage obesity, since in the case of older adults they need great comfort and looser clothing for their rhythm of life, it is recommended that they continue with routine medical checkups, where size and weight will continue being key factors for an optimal state of health.