Exploit your virtues and be happy

We all dream of becoming the best within what we like, but there are times when, in spite of the fact that we want to be very good for something and put all the effort to make it come true, there is something that stops us, which should not be a reason to be discouraged but on the contrary, to discover other virtues .

It is possible that when things do not go as you would like, you get very sad and think that maybe you are not good at all, but this is not the case. Even if you like to dance and the steps do not go well, it does not mean that you have to stop doing it, you can continue practicing to have fun and enjoy that activity.

To discover your virtues You must be very attentive not only to what others may see in you, but also to encourage you to know other activities that you have not yet explored to promote your increase .

The most important thing is that you always feel confident that you are very valuable and that you are a person full of virtues. All people can be very good for something and maybe we are not so good for other activities, but that does not mean we lose value.

Also remember that the fact that you put all your enthusiasm and give the best of you to achieve what you want, you must make happy and feel satisfied.

Sometimes you will start with a goal, but your virtues can take you in other ways; A key to take the right course is that you have confidence in yourself and that you are willing to strive to reach your goal. Never give up and investigate here how to always be happy. "The principle of patience begins with oneself" . If you want to know more information write to: bojorge@teleton.org.mx

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