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After living in a stable and lasting relationship, even though love is strong and the relationship works, the sexual desire It also becomes a routine, where the passion for the other, simply decreases as it passes weather .

According to researchers of the German Psychcentral , making an analysis with panelists, dealing with issues of intimate relationships and family dynamics; They came to the conclusion that there are 3 basic factors for this to work or not: health, communication and family dynamics.

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If we think that the sexual satisfaction decreases as the relationship becomes longer, it also makes sense.

Scientists examined how the sexual satisfaction changes with the passage of time in a relationship, Taking into account that if you have good health, good habits and talk with your partner to solve conflicts, you are likely to have greater sexual satisfaction, for a longer time.

Although it should be clarified that it is not a general rule and does not mean that all couples have sexual dissatisfaction , but, it is a normal trend in most couples.


Experts recommend

If we are aware of this situation, then it is easier to work and manage it.

It is estimated that first year Relationship is when you learn sexual skills with your partner, when the terrain is 100% exploratory. everything seems perfect and the eroticism is the main character.


Is it a constant?

When you start with your partner, everything is new and interesting, learning and pleasant, until the monotony seizes sexuality.

If you think you are stagnating your sexual dynamic, remember that exploring new sexual skills is possible and researchers say that although the passion for the other decreases With the passage of time in the relationship, you can always speak it to take it in the best possible way.


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