Exotic flavor that takes care of your figure

For many it is a tradition, for others a flavor and aroma that goes beyond the "conventional" of gastronomy. However, the exotic dishes can be a great ally if you want to have a balanced diet and ideal to take care of the figure.

According to anthropologist Marvin Harris , the way of feeding is a product of the evolution of centuries. Humans are omnivorous, ingest animals, vegetables and everything that can be consumed. This is where gastronomic diversity arises.


Exotic flavor that takes care of your figure

However, not everything is edible and tastes good. For this reason we provide 3 "exotic" options to take care of your figure.

1. Grasshoppers. In accordance with Luis Antonio Chel, from the Autonomous University of Yucatán, this insect contains approximately 50% of protein, because their food is usually herbivorous. It is also ideal to facilitate digestion .

2. Escamoles. They are a rich source of proteins and amino acids, which need to be accompanied with sufficient amounts of carbohydrates to avoid that these are used as energy, according to a study of the Faculty of Chemistry Sciences.

3. Armadillo . It is one of the most complete foods for the quality and quantity of nutrients it provides: an average serving of 100 grams covers more than 50% of the daily intake of proteins recommended with the FAO (United Nations Organization for Agriculture and Food).

Not in all cases these foods are an economic option. In different places of the world they are considered haute cuisine dishes. However, if you have the possibility to enjoy them you can be sure that you are consuming a rich source of nutrients

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