Exercises to strengthen abdomen

Yoga is a discipline with many benefits for physical, mental and emotional health. As part of the advantages of practicing it is that it allows tone the abdomen , because you can work these muscles at the same time you balance your mind, body and spirit.

In addition to helping you tone your abdomen , frequently practice some exercises or yoga postures, they allow you to improve the intestinal transit, which prevents discomforts that cause inflammation and malaise in general.

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Exercises to strengthen abdomen

To know some postures and exercises for tone your abdomen and achieve a flat belly, the Yoga City instructor, Sophie Sosa , gives you a full class in the following video.

In the discipline of yoga, the belly is the axis of the strength and balance of the body, so a large number of positions, such as those of the previous video, are applied to take care of it and aim at its development, strength and conjunction of vital energy.

In addition, it is important that if you want to practice yoga in a more prepared or advanced way, achieve to tone and strengthen your abdomen , because many inverted postures (like handstand) are practiced, which require strength and balance.

Remember that yoga is considered to be an exercise in strength and endurance that allows you to tone your abdomen However, it is also important that you learn to combine it with some other aerobic exercises and a balanced diet, to obtain better results, such as comprehensive health and a flat stomach.

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