Exercises to achieve an abdomen of 10

To have a firm abdomen and flat it is no longer necessary to go to the gym and make thousands of ABS , with small exercises located will achieve your goal, even if you are at work or in the car.

Exercises to achieve an abdomen of 10

In the car: contract and release the ABS continuously in each red light that you see. This movement is the equivalent of Kegel exercises : a small movement that gives results without realizing it.

In the office: Perform the breaths of pilates . Contract the abdomen delicately as if you were going to button tight jeans. Breathe without relaxing the abdominals for about 30 seconds. Do five repetitions.

In the bed: place your hands just below the navel. Exhale and let the stomach expand. Then inhale by pushing the navel until the spine, bringing the abdomen to the mattress. Resist for 10 seconds. Do four repetitions.

In the park: when you go for a walk with your pet; With the torso erect and the shoulders back, it contracts the ABS by five steps and relax by five steps. Repeat throughout the ride.

If you practice these exercises every day, you will learn to do them almost by inertia; so you will get faster and more permanent results. Complements the exercises with a low fat diet .