Exercises for oblique abs

One of the most difficult muscle groups to develop, tone and mark are the oblique abdominals, which, through training with appropriate exercises, allow a well defined and strong abdomen and waist.

The oblique abs are the muscles that we have right at our sides, at the waist. We use these muscles when we rotate the trunk or flex the spine laterally.

Among the different routines to train these abdominal muscles are isometric exercises, as shown for + Life - Kilos of GetQoralHealth, Carlos Velázquez, specialist in functional training of SportCity, in the next video:

It should be noted that these exercises for oblique abdominals are performed based on isometric contractions, in which the muscle contracts with its fibers tightening but neither shortening (concentric) nor lengthening (eccentric) occurs, according to vitonica.com

These types of exercises are a very good way to increase the strength of our abdominal and hip muscles, in addition to helping to reduce the accumulated fat in the waist.

The duration of these movements is variable, much depends on the strength of each person. You can make series with a specific time (30 seconds is a good duration for isometric exercises), or establish a specific routine, as indicated by Carlos Velázquez.

In that sense, if we are able to arrive without problems we will increase the duration gradually. If we fall short and can not reach 30 seconds, you can simply do 10 or 20 repetitions, or add some modifications as more points of support to reduce the intensity, which will give you the same result: well defined and strong oblique abs. .

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