Exercise your body with heels

Today, talk about toning exercises and to improve physical health is to make reference to our power of seduction, sexuality and trust. Yes, precisely these elements are the basis of the new sports practices that are being carried out in various gyms in our country. Example, Stiletto Strength.

This new activity is part of the Fitness discipline, which has developed a whole range of exercises related to improving our self-esteem, appearance and sexual performance.

The Stiletto Strength, is a novel idea developed by dancers of Broadway, in New York. This activity consists of the use of high-heeled shoes as the main tools of body exercise.

Through music, and routines that mix different techniques such as Pole Dance and Pilates, Stiletto Strength allows the strengthening of specific parts of our anatomy: buttocks, ankles, calves and hips.

Each Stiletto Strength routine is divided into three parts:

1. Heating : The exercises are simple and harmonious, which allows the body to get used to the movement.

2. Posture: Through an aerobic dance routines focused on posture, balance, coordination and graceful movement, we exercise the extremities, neck and spine.

3. Push-ups : This part includes a series of slow and relaxing exercises that allow to improve the flexibility of the body, ideal element of seduction.

Stiletto Strength allows us to obtain a slim and aesthetic silhouette, which is the hallmark of the tool used in this practice: the heels

But these are not the only benefits that can be obtained, in a study conducted by the University of Verona , it was discovered that heels are beneficial for our sex life, as they cause a strengthening of the pelvic muscle.

Today's women look for more than just exercises to tone your body What they want is an activity that allows them to mix different aspects of their lives: self-esteem, body, sensuality, but above all safety.

Practice Stiletto Strength and discover that woman with turned legs and overwhelming personality that we all have inside.

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