Exercise with your cell phone

With the advance of technology and thanks to the different uses that can be given, cell phones are already essential for the life of human beings. Can you to exercise with their help and even become your physical trainer .

With the new application of Adidas, call miCoach , it will be very easy to exercise with your iPhone or Blackberry. This free application is created for those who want to start a routine exercise or for athletes who want to improve their training.

In the next video, David Villa , player of the football team Barcelona , explains what this application consists of:

With the application miCoach you will select the plan exercise which best suits your needs, abilities or the sport you practice, because it has a control of intensity, speed and resistance.

In addition, you can consult all the data, the calories that you have burned and the graphic analysis of your progress on the website miCoach.com .

Some benefits offered by the application are: measure your heart rate and your speed throughout the training, as well as exercise in personalized areas to maximize your physical activity .

With this type of applications you can play the music of your liking, so that it does not become routine. And you, would you like to have an application to exercise?

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