Exercise routine with your body weight

Due to the accelerated life and the different activities that people do, you do not have the time to get fit in a gym. For this reason, specialists assure that a routine of exercise with body weight is a simple and effective way to improve your Balance , flexibility Y force .

With these simple exercises of Greatist, that cover from the shoulders to the legs, you will increase your resistance and you will show a figure of envy. Are you ready ?, Let's start:

1.- Worm : Stand with your legs straight, slowly bend your torso forward, stretch your arms and let the tips of your fingers touch the ground. In this position, take 10 steps and return to the initial position. Do a series of 6 repetitions.

2.- Brinca : Standing, with your knees slightly bent, jump as high as you can, while you bring your knees to your chest and extend your arms to your sides. Make a series of 10 repetitions.

3.- Up and down : With the help of some heavy items, bend the biceps, go up and down the steps of some stairs that are close to you, to work the whole body.

4.- Mountaineer : Lie face down on the floor, lean up and stretch your arms, taking off your torso; bend one leg to your chest without taking your hands off the floor and leaving the other stretched. Do not forget to alternate your legs.

5.- Squat Jumping : This is a very effective exercise to exercise the whole body, squat with your hands on the ground and jump as high as you can and return to the original position. Repeat 10 times

To complement this exercise routine, you just have to bring a diet balanced and to drink At least two liters of water. So you do not get bored, you can do the activity with a friend or your partner, or in the company of music.

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Video Medicine: Beginners Body Weight Exercises for Women - Whole Body Strengthening Routine (May 2024).