Exercise routine to burn fat

One of the most effective ways to lose weight are the exercises for burn calories and increase your muscle mass ; However, monotony can demotivate you to continue your daily effort. Therefore, it is important that you make different circuits and routines during the week, so that you feel fit and happy with the variety.

Therefore, to obtain motivating results and burn calories , in GetQoralHealth we present this circuit that must have a minimum duration of 30 minutes, which can be extended up to 45 minutes or one hour, according to fitness.es:

1. Walk fast outdoors or if you are in the fitness center , on the tape, for 5 minutes.

2. Run outdoors, on the track or on the treadmill, for 5 and 10 minutes.

3. Make bike Fixed for 5 and 10 minutes.

4. Get 3 minutes of exercises step or on stage as follows: go up and down the step at a slow pace for 1 minute; Go up and down the step at a higher speed for 1 minute, and go up and down the step at a slow pace for 1 minute.

5. jump the rope between 30 seconds and 1 minute. You can perform jumps with feet together, jumps alternating feet. A very easy way is by jumping small without raising much.

6. Do 3 more minutes of varied exercises in the step: go up and down slowly for 30 seconds; go up and down jumping for 30 seconds (you should try to jump at the same time you change the foot), go up and down slowly for 30 seconds, and go up and down step jumping from side to side for 30 seconds. Position yourself so that the step is on your left, step on the left foot and jump to change feet: go up and down slowly for 1 minute.

7. Rope (varied jumps) between 30 seconds and 1 minute.

8. Exercises varied for two minutes: Standing, in your own place, raise your heels towards your buttocks, as if you were running. Then, from the same position, open and join legs to the right and left (aerobic step). It also gives lateral jumps or front and back.

9. Continue the routine with bike Fix for 5 to 10 minutes.

10. Run , with moderate intensity between 5 and 10 minutes.

11. Finally, walk for 5 minutes to recover.

Remember that it is essential, once this routine is completed, to perform stretching exercises, relax and drink water. If possible, while doing the whole circuit, try to control your heartbeat with a heart rate monitor: the recommended frequency should be maintained between 130 and 145 beats per minute (and this is when burn fat more effectively). So go ahead and burn calories!

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