Exercise or entertainment?

Did you get bored of doing the same exercise ? If you like to dance, it's time to tone up your body while having fun. One option to achieve this is the Fit Dance , which includes among its benefits to strengthen your cardiovascular health and burn fat.


The Fit Dance It is a training program for people who like to look and feel good. You only have to make movements to the rhythm of the music, that is, to dance, according to specialists from Body Action.


Exercise or entertainment?

For a dance class to work as exercise of cardio, it is important that the duration is not less than 30 minutes, that is, ideally it is one hour.

"Dancing can be a discipline in which not only physically works the body, but develops a great confidence and bodily security," explains Giovanna Mondragón, Reebok Global Master Trainer .

When a Fit Dance class is performed with the proper heart rate, the body begins to burn fat and tone your body.


"A good dance session can take you to burn up to 600 calories in addition to helping you burn fat, strengthen your cardiovascular system and promote the development of your coordination."

The classes of Fit Dance They are designed for anyone to practice, because the routine is taught movement by movement and there are levels for you to test the resistance of your body.

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