Exercise 1

Remove the discomfort caused by excessive stress is possible just by pressing certain areas of your hand. Here we show you how acupressure reduces stress .

The study of the Journal of the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Irleand promotes the use of acupressure to combat stress by identifying key points to stimulate the healing capacity of the body.

The points that can be pressed to relieve pain are the hands, arms and feet. In this information we will teach you how acupressure reduces stress by means of the hands.


Exercise 1

With your thumb, apply pressure between the point where your wrist and palm generate a fold; that is, in the line of the base of the little finger.

Press firmly for 10 seconds.

If you feel pain or burning sensation in this area, do not be scared, this means that you are pressing in the right place. Rest for 5 seconds and press again (the more pressure at this point, the less pain you will feel).

Make this pressure in both hands.

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