Without a doubt, one of the most attractive women in the entertainment world is the actress, Sofia Vergara . Besides being a privileged woman for having a metabolism that works excellently, it is also due to some habits that she practices. Here we show you their beauty tips.

Recently, the Colombian declared that the key to her figure and beauty is to carry out the anti-aging diet . This type of food, the free radicals (molecules that promote the oxidation of the skin) and help to lose weight.

The diet of Sofia Vergara its about:

  • Eat a variety of foods rich in protein such as chicken and fish.
  • A portion of vegetables greater than that of white meat
  • Does not eat red meat due to its high fat content
  • Every day consumes at least two liters of natural water


I do not smoke or consume red meat for 13 years. As very varied: chicken, fish, seafood, vegetables, but never red meat, because of its high fat content ", declares Vergara.



Consider that what is most important is that you practice an exercise routine that you will carry out; something that you like to practice.

The point with this, is to really fulfill the routine every day and that we do not 'weigh' to do it.


"I have a personal trainer because without him I would not be able to do anything", he says. She loves the exercises that take dances, Zumba type, affirms the protagonist of Modern Family.


Skin care

She chooses to use makeup a natural makeup; and we are not referring to 'not being noticed', but to using mineral compact powders for the care of your face.

Also, Sofia considers the appearance of the feet very important, so she goes at least once a month to the podiatrist to eliminate roughness and moisturize them and make them look fresh and clean.

At 41, she is still considered one of the most beautiful women in show business, so we recommend these beauty tips from Sofia Vergara , so that you stay in shape like her.


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