Excess sugar detonates cancer

The incidence of some types of cancer can double in populations with high levels of cancer. blood sugar , in people with obesity or diabetes , due to its excessive consumption, according to researchers from the Rey Juan Carlos University of Spain .

According to this study, whose results will be published in the journal Molecular Cell , the excess sugars they increase the activity of a protein called b-catenin, which is closely related to tumor progression in certain types of cancer, such as pancreas or colon cancer.

Custody García Jiménez , one of the main authors of the research, explains that they have found that the molecular mechanisms by which high sugar levels , but not normal levels, increase cell proliferation.

These mechanisms, according to ecoticias.com, are the same in tumor cells of the small intestine, breast, ovary, pancreas, colon or others, opening, before these evidences, new ways for the development of prevention and therapeutic strategies, aimed at reduce the risk of cancer in the population.

The sugars , necessary in moderate amounts, can become poison if they reach high levels in the blood explains the specialist. So the metabolic changes promoted by diet directly impact on our risk of suffering from different types of cancer.

"This finding opens new perspectives of research on what other components of the diet can modulate this risk. Diet is one of the easiest and cheapest forms of prevention that can save much suffering and money to the National Health System, "adds García-Jiménez.

According to the World Health Organization , a healthy diet has become a fundamental strategy for the prevention of many diseases: One of every three types of cancer can be prevented by modifying diet and lifestyle; in particular, those related to the overweight and obesity .

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