Well they say that almost everything in this life is mathematics, even when we exercise. It is important to calculate the repetitions and the time it takes for each physical activity, that's why we share these interval exercises , which are the best trick to lose fat and mark the abdomen .

Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper, is the one who popularized this type of activity to improve the physical condition and appearance of people. It is a prolonged exercise of medium intensity that favors the heart and lungs.

According to studies published by University of New South Wales , Sydney, this type of exercise aims to optimize the effort so that the muscle does not get tired and get better results.

It is a training that should last a maximum of 40 minutes and between each exercise there should be a break of five. This to improve performance by means of breathing. The important thing is that you give your maximum effort in the activities and in this way you tonify the muscles and burn more fat .



If you do it on the treadmill, you must program a level 10 so after two or three minutes rest at a medium level, that is 6.5 or 5.5; When you reach 40 minutes, rest at level 3 and recover your breathing and cardiac level for a minute and a half.

You can practice these interval exercises in all your activities, including abdominals and weights. The important thing is to lower the effort after reaching the maximum point.

It is proven that this is the best trick to lose fat and mark the muscles, try these interval exercises and check it yourself.


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