Everything works, but in moderation ...

It is real to abuse the consumption of alcoholic beverages it's bad for your health; However, a study reveals that they do not drink alcohol they live less than those who do.

The research published in the Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research , suggests that abstaining from alcoholic drinks It can increase the risk of dying.


Mortality rates are higher among abstainers. "


Everything works, but in moderation ...

The research suggests that the moderate alcohol consumption (defined as one to three drinks per day) is associated with the lowest mortality rates.

Specifically, the consumption of red wine would improve the health of the heart, circulation and sociability, the latter is important, since there are people who do not have friends and family members who help them to notice any threat to their well-being.

Although it is always associated with cirrhosis and other types of cancer recurrent drinkers , they have a lower tendency to die that the abstainers . One of the main reasons is that alcohol is a social lubricant, and interactions with other people are vital to maintaining good physical and mental health.

Meanwhile, people who do not drink have a greater tendency to show signs of depression , that those who always look for live together .

However, the researchers pointed out that although drinking alcohol could be associated with having longer life , also has its disadvantages: it damages the memory and can cause lethal falls .

In addition, there is the issue of dependency when it becomes addiction , you can spend more time in the drink.

The study provides powerful evidence that states that moderate drinking is not only fun, it is also health.


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