Everything with measure

Did you ever see yourself submerged in a tub full of oil? This is already a reality in the spas of Naftalan, in Azerbaijan, where oil baths are offered to treat common ailments and even as an arthritis treatment.

According to information published by the BBC World , the city of Naftalan is the source of a "curative" type of crude, since it contains a chemical substance called naphthalene, which reduces joint pains.

Therefore, the spas of that city have a special room, full of tubs and pipes through which flows a very thick oil, with a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.


Everything with measure

People should enter naked or in a bathing suit inside the bathtub, where they should only stay for 10 minutes, since a greater contact of the oil with the skin could detonate cancer; while high temperatures could increase blood pressure.

At the end of the oil bath, the therapist should remove the remains of the oil with a special instrument and then take a shower with soap.

However, some specialists say that these oil baths can be carcinogenic. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, from the United States) reveal that exposure to a large amount of naphthalene damages or destroys red blood cells, which can trigger hemolytic anemia.

For this reason, it is important that you investigate the pros and cons of aesthetic treatments that promise to eliminate beauty or health problems. And you, would you dare to immerse yourself in an oil bath?

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