Everything has an end…

Do you let the child inside you "die"? As time goes by, as we age, most of us find it difficult to find more moments of happiness (It seems that they are running out). However, the reality is that this feeling It has expiration according to science.

It's no more happy the one that has more, but the one that needs less. This concept of necessity involves all aspects of the human being, since it does not only have to do with the economic or material, but rather with the perception that one has of it, "says the Chilean psychologist. Deaf Pillar, author of Welcome pain.

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Everything has an end…

Why the happiness comes to an end? In the next video the neurology expert,Eduardo Calixto, it tells you how this phenomenon occurs, and what is the age at which we are happiest. Discover the mysteries of this emotion!


Work to achieve it

Although over the years, the serotonin what our cr eebro It is minor, there are simple actions that can make us "a little" happier.

1. A morning walk. According to a study published in The Happiness Advantage Shawn Achor, spending time outdoors increases the joy and good humor. It is enough 20 minutes on the street when the weather is nice to improve the mood.

2. Spend time with those special people . An investigation carried out by Daniel Gilbert, professor of psychology Harvard, He affirms that we are happier when we have family and we are happy when we have friends, and almost all the other things that we think make us happy are, in reality, ways to have more friends and family.

3. Sleep. The expert Ashley Merryman, at NurtureShock, He notes that negative stimuli are processed in the amygdala and positive stimuli and neutrals in the hippocampus. The lack of dream It affects the hippocampus more intensely, so that people who sleep badly have a greater tendency to remember negative events intensely and to forget positive ones.

Although, the one that costs us to be happy, is a natural process, in us it is constructing moments that allow us to be better emotionally. Beware!

Video Medicine: Sleep Party People - Everything Has An End (February 2023).